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Dear Online Entrepreneur,

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Blogging”? 

Figuring out your passion or a profitable niche, hunting for a related domain, buying hosting, setting up wordpress, having to write loads of content, waiting for Google to index… 

And not to mention all the technicalities associated with it! No wonder nobody ever makes any money with blogging.

Or do they? Just search for the following phrase in Google –

“Blog income report”

And this is what you get:

The point is, 

If you are knowledgeable or passionate about a subject, and have decent writing skills, you can easily make
a living through blogging.

But let’s see the facts first.

It’s not 2005 anymore. Blogging is not a new phenomenon today, and while many bloggers work full time on their blogs, not a lot of them make even a $100 per month out of it.

So how do these bloggers make enough money to show off their income reports, or at least support their family?

Content is king, but your blog is not just it’s content.

For most bloggers who make enough money to make it worth their while, their blog is a platform to do a lot more stuff. Look at any of the blogs with income reports from the searches above. You’ll see that they do one or more of the following along with writing content:

In short, they provide a lot of value to their visitors and customers through their blogs, and that is not just in terms of content.

Here’s a list of a number of different ways to get your imagination going:

Image Source:

As the saying goes, the sky is the limit.

Now, why did I highlight some of the items in the list above?

Because that’s what most of the top earners do.

The top income earners do one or more of the following using their blog as a platform –

Of course they do affiliate marketing, use adsense, etc. But they make better use of the traffic they drive to their websites this way, and they keep all the income without having to share a piece of the pie with a third-party.

Yes, it seems like a lot of work. But that’s where we come in…

Allow me to introduce…

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And yes, there are bonuses! I recommend, you definitely shouldn’t forget the bonuses!

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So don’t delay, get this now…

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