It’s about customers!


Everyone needs something done. Requirements make a customer. Requirements fuel a business. Requirements get things done! The best things in the world happened because someone wanted it. You, the customer, wanted something good, something elegant, something brilliant – you thought about it, and asked for that to be visualized! Of course you paid the business to get it done, but it happened because you started it.

You, the customer, are the reason why we have this. You, the customer, first thought about this. If it was not for you, we wouldn’t have had this. Just a few reasons why the customer is king! Because everything the world has today starts with the customer!

It’s about businesses!


We defined the need, now there is the passion. A good business happens when someone takes it on to themselves to fulfill a customer’s requirement. It is the passion to share someone’s dream and create something wonderful that thrives a business. While the customer is the king, the business is the drive, that takes the customer places. Businesses provide the passion and the power to the vision the customer has that makes it a reality.

In one way, a business is an extension to a customer. The business enhances the customer’s vision of his/her own dreams and helps them see more clearly how they can achieve their dreams and make it a reality. Business cannot thrive without a customer, and a customer’s dream will not last without the power a business provides him/her.


It’s about employees!


A company is nothing without its employees. If the employee does not work, the company cannot do business, and the drive does not happen. A company is about its employees as much as it is about the business it does.

It’s about you!

This about page is about you. If you are here as a customer, or as a businessman, or as an employee, this page is about you.

About PixelMediaPress

Pixel Media Press is a company started with a passion to create beautiful things. We call ourselves “business enablers”, because as we defined above, that’s how great things get done. We stand for a set of core values given below:

  • Nurture creativity
  • Redefine Innovation
  • Add value to customer relationships with trust and responsibility
  • Measure success with quality
  • Overall, lead to an end result that makes everyone happy!

What we take up

We like creativity, and we would love to work on anything that is inspiring, creative and new. But as it stands, we do not gobble up everything, because we believe in being a master of a few trades than a jack of all.

Our key areas of work right now fall into the categories below:

Software Development: [To be updated]

Web Development: [To be updated]

Video Creation and Marketing: [To be updated]

Security: [To be updated]

Our Vendors/Partners

This venture would not have been possible if not for our vendors who provided us with the requirements to bring our business online. Click on their images if you would like to go to their website and have a look!

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